P47847 Stone Imagery 3


A highly translucent, lightish green shade, free from dark spots and other flaws. One of the rarest varieties, held in high esteem by the Maori.

P52616 Stone Imagery


This is the term used by the Maori of the Cook Strait region of the Kawakawa variety that is streaked with a shade of olive green.

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A grey-green colour. It is either very translucent or quite opaque. Highly prized by the Maori and the desired material for making mere and patu.

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A pale green opaque variety, given as the intermediate of Inanga and Kawakawa.

P47847 Stone Imagery 16


A type streaked or flecked with white. The name Kahotea derives from Kaho, meaning light-coloured tea (white or clear).

P47847 Stone Imagery 18


A dark rich green with varying intermediate shades, named after the leaf of the Kawakawa. It is the main type used in gem purposes.